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Top Reasons to Work for School Programs:

  1. “I work at KSS for the opportunity to experience the magic of nature with a greater sense of purpose. Sharing my passion and knowledge of diverse environments with young students and adults alike gives me hope that they may find inspiration in mother-nature and begin to ask and answer critical questions that will aid in the preservation of our outdoor world.” – Rachel Ackerman, KSS School Programs 2015-2016 Program Instructor 
  2. "Every day I leave this job thinking how lucky I am to be working outdoors with kids, teaching them the unique characteristics of nature and how to take care of it. It’s the dream job." - Megan Hollenbeck, KSS School Programs 2014-2015 Program Instructor
  3. "I regularly smile because of the happiness I feel while at work." – Tanner Coggins, KSS School Programs 2014-2016 Program Instructor
  4. “I love working for School Programs because I get to educate outdoors about this beautiful world we live in.” – Ian McCluskie, KSS School Programs 2015-2016 Program Instructor
  5. "The school has a great reputation for a reason. The staff is highly qualified and the schedule is the best in the business." – Kendra Fuller, KSS School Programs 2014-2015 Program Instructor
  6. “I love working for SP because you get to meet so many different students, each day is new and different. I also love my co-workers. We have so much fun, constantly!” – Nikki Roth, KSS School Programs 2015-2016 Program Instructor
  7.   “I love living simply in the mountains and interacting with diverse school group communities!” – Rachel Green, School Programs 2015-2016 Program Apprentice
  8.  “I love the varying perspectives of all the people I work with and all of the students who visit KSS. I am reminded over and over how incredible the world is, and I am grateful every day to live, work, and play in this breathtaking part of it that is Colorado.” – Katie Framstad, School Programs 2015-2016 Program Apprentice

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