The Accidental Scientist


In October of 2011, I had the opportunity to go to Keystone Science School for a few days with my 6th grade class. I couldn’t wait to go and explore new ideas and places! Our class was split up into small groups, and we did everything from team-building activities, to learning about the earth, to hiking up a mountain. Even today, four years after my trip, I still think about my experience with KSS and how it impacted me.

This experience was so memorable for me because I finally discovered my true passion for Earth Science and being in nature. The first day we arrived, my group went over to Dillon Reservoir and I was immediately amazed. The reservoir was surrounded by beautiful mountains and the sky perfectly accented the reservoir in a way that made the lake picture perfect.

But my favorite part of the trip was going on an all-day hike with my group. We hiked up a mountain until we reached a resting area with a breath-taking view and had the privilege of eating our lunch there. I couldn’t stop staring at all of the yellow aspen trees that had turned for the fall. When we reached the peak we took time to study different kinds of rocks and trees.

Being able to learn about the earth hands-on sparked my interest in earth science. Since my trip, I have taken an honors class in earth and environmental science. The opportunity to interact with nature and learn about the earth with KSS has inspired me to pursue Earth and Environmental Science in college and maybe even as a career. It has made me appreciate Colorado even more and look forward to any opportunity I get to go to the mountains.