What do you think of when you read these words? If you are a student in Summit County or the Colorado Front-range, chances are you think of Keystone Science School! Students and educators from all over Colorado are drawn to Science. Adventure. Fun! Drawn to the cool, crisp air of the high Rockies. Drawn to the sense of achievement attained by overcoming personal challenges. The opportunity exists here to showcase learning in diverse ways for all scholars. The appeal and need for environmental education is endless. Our student-centered and inquiry-based approach allows a sense of genuine accomplishment to prosper. It is clear to me why KSS is a top choice for our surrounding schools but, as a School Programs Instructor, how is Science.Adventure.Fun! impactful in my own life? Why am I KSS?

I am KSS because I see curiosity as a way of life. Asking questions brings us closer to nature and to each other. Seeking answers to our questions builds on our own previous understanding and broadens our perspectives so that we can uncover solutions to everyday problems, big or small. SCIENCE.

I am KSS because I do not settle for the mundane. I seek novel experiences that test my limits and push me to overcome my fears. Getting out and getting my hands dirty is the way that I learn best. Challenges and failures are the only way we can find progress. #YOLO ADVENTURE.

I am KSS because I see all sorts of learners finding inspiration here. I get to soak up the Colorado sunshine and watch students light up with new knowledge. The freedom we give students to explore their surroundings satisfies inherent curiosities which brings joy and authenticity to learning. FUN!

Finally, at KSS I can be myself and let my true colors shine knowing that my day-to-day work impacts the broader community. I feel the impact of our mission extending through Summit County and beyond. I have seen lives change in front of my eyes. I have pushed through tears (both students’ and my own) to later rejoice in smiles. At KSS, I know that I am making a positive difference in the world. FULFILLMENT!

#IamKSS, proudly, now and forever. Who are you!?