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Keystone Science School can be a great location for your next retreat, meeting, wedding, or small conference. Our campus is situated in the heart of the Rocky Mountains with easy access to a variety of outdoor activities within Summit County all within a short distance to I-70 and the Denver Internal Airport. Whether your group is looking for overnight accommodations, prepared meals, or facilitated activities, Keystone Science School is the perfect location for all your retreat needs within a budget you can afford.

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    Lodging & Meeting Spaces

    We host 2 dorms, a full-service dining hall, and several indoor and outdoor meeting spaces.

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    Prepared Foods

    Choose from a variety of options that are each designed to meet the unique goals of your program.

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    Program Options

    We offer a wide variety of facilitated program options ranging from teambuilding, astronomy, or local nature hikes.


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Take Interstate 70 West to the Dillon/Silverthorne exit, Exit 205. This exit is approximately 75 miles west of Denver and is approximately a 1 ½ hour drive. Go left off of the exit onto Highway 6. Take Highway 6 East about 6 miles to Keystone. At the only stoplight in Keystone (W. Keystone Rd.), turn right and then an immediate left. Go one-half mile to Soda Ridge Road and turn right. Soda Ridge Road ends at the Keystone Science School (approximately 1.1 miles). Parking is to the left immediately after passing the Keystone Stables.

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