Backcountry Multisport with WFA Cert.

_Adventure Trip______

Backcountry Multisport with Wilderness First Aid Certification

Flat Tops Wilderness, Gunnison River

July 22 – Aug. 2


12 Days





River Trip
Wilderness First Aid

Secure an unparalleled 12-day Adventure this summer, featuring an enriching blend of backpacking, a Wilderness First Aid Certification, and an unforgettable overnight canoe trip. Set against the stunning backdrop of the Flat Tops Wilderness and Gunnison River, gain crucial Wilderness First Aid training, readying you for any scenario in the great outdoors! This trip also includes essential outdoor living skills like setting up camp and water filtration. Register today for an Adventure that promises growth, skills, and lasting memories in the heart of Colorado’s magnificent wilderness.

Day 1Arrive at Campsite
Days 2-6Backpacking in Flat Tops Widlerness
Days 7-8Wilderness First Aid training
Days 9-11 Overnight Canoe Trip
Day 12Departure Day to KSS
Details on Beginning & End of Adventures

First Day: Join us at KSS campus for check-in and a Trip Briefing. We’ll review gear, prepare our packs, and head to our Adventure location, usually an hour or more of travel. Learn activity basics, enjoy dinner, and connect during our Evening Meeting.

Last Day: On the final day after activities are done, we’ll head back to KSS, and have our Pin Ceremony awards for camper achievements.

Leadership Framework

Our Leadership Framework has a foundation of 5 main elements. As students progress through Adventures, they will become familiar with the 5 elements and have opportunities to grow within each. Learn more here.

New Admissions Process

This year will be implementing a more comprehensive admission process to ensure that each participant is placed in a program that is the best fit for that individual. Below are the steps for this process. 

See full admissions process here
  1. Families will enroll in their preferred programs
  2. Families will receive an automatic confirmation email to show that they have been placed in their intended session.
  3. Families will receive a form that is required to be completed by the participant via email.
    1. This form must be completed to ensure enrollment in the program
    2. Failure to complete the form within the designated deadline will result in unenrollment from the program. 
  4. Once the form is complete, the family will receive an email to schedule a phone call with a KSS staff member.
  5. A KSS staff member will call the family. In this conversation the family has an opportunity to learn more about the program and for KSS to learn more about the participant and support them on their session(s). This conversation will help ensure that participants are enrolled in the most appropriate programming for the individual.

Keystone Science School is American Camp Association Accredited
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