Silhouette of students looking through a telescope at the night sky

Sipping Under the Stars


Sipping Under the Stars

February 16th


Admission: $25

Join us at the Keystone Science School Campus Observatory for a night of Celestial Wonder. Our incredible astronomist, AstroMark, will show guests the night sky using the Observatory telescope on campus. Claudine Wines will be offering tastings of four different wines throughout the evening. Light hors d’oeuvres will be offered.

All attendees should note that closed-toed shoes are necessary and heels will not do well on the observatory steps. Please consider wearing flat shoes that evening. 

Claudine Wines

Adding a touch of elegance to the evening, Claudine Wines is proud to partner with us, offering tastings of four distinct wines. These distinct flavors will elevate your celestial journey with a delightful selection that pairs harmoniously with the cosmic spectacle.

“Astro” Mark Laurin

“Astro” Mark Laurin brings over 53 years of passion to studying, teaching, and sharing the night sky. Mark is a member of the Denver Astronomical Society, the Astronomical League, DarkSky Colorado, DarkSky International, and an apprentice Operator of the historic Chamberlain Observatory’s ClarkSaegmuller telescope, at the University of Denver. Mark teaches astronomy as an adjunct instructor with KSS. He is an occasional scientific contributor for the Summit Daily, and writes a monthly stargazing calendar for DarkSky Colorado, Keystone Science School, and the Gunnison Chamber of Commerce. Mark was featured in Curbed, Exit 205, The Denver Astronomical Society’s Observer, and Elevations Outdoors magazines.

Silhouette of students looking at the stars through a telescope

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