Farewell from Your Camp Family!


The dust has settled on campus today. Yesterday was the first Monday in nine weeks that there were no cars driving through Day Camp drop-off, no returning campers hugging one another as they run towards the Bighorn and Henry dorms. Disco-zilla has been packed up and put away and Rives Dining Hall is the cleanest that is has been in months. The markers are capped, the wood cookies stored away, and no counselors are yelling “The Three Bears” song on the Launchpad.

Campus is calm today, but it is a bittersweet calm, because it means that another summer has come and gone, the odyssey has ended, and it’s time to remember a daily routine that has been forgotten since May.

Many of our campers and counselors come into camp feeling a little homesick, not sure of what to expect at Keystone Science School, not sure if they will make new friends or if they will be the only one who misses their family. And now, with new songs, friends, and a new perspective, they miss their “camp-ily.” Homesick turns to campsick and they can’t wait until fall Harvest Camp or June of next summer, when they can return.

And so, this message goes out to our wonderful KSS Camp-ily:

Remember the challenges, the hikes, the peaks. Remember the camping and the discoveries. Remember to always be Science. Adventure. Fun! Set Hot Pink Gorilla traps, research the Grape Ape, and keep your eyes open for the Blue Dilly. Happiness runs in a circular motion and the green grass does grow all around, all around. Remember how your campers and counselors have changed your lives and keep in touch with your old and new friends. Remember the stars in the sky. KSS is not just a place, but a people, and each and every one of you have left your legacy here this summer. Thank you for this amazing odyssey and we look forward to seeing you next summer!