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Girls in STEM - Film Festival

September 22-24, 2023
Breck Film Fest     HP

In partnership with Breckenridge Film Festival, participating girls will learn about careers within the film industry as they produce their own short films. This program is open to any female student currently enrolled in 4th-8th grade.All students will create their own film, and each girl will have support from a variety of females currently working in the film industry. In past years this has included cinematographers, directors, film editors, producers and more.

At the close of the program, girls will present their short films during a scheduled event included within the Breckenridge Film Festival schedule. All parents will receive free entry to the final presentation.

Enroll & Access Account

When: September 22-24, 2023
Who: Girls, Grades 4th to 8th
Where: Keystone Science School
Rate: $325
(includes lodging, meals, programming, and use of supplies and technology)
Scholarships Available and are awarded to those who express economic need and a passion for the program.


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Sample Schedule

Please note that this program schedule may change based on the availability of our STEM Mentors.

Friday, September 22nd

Goal: Participants will learn what a short film is, how to produce a scene, and how to create a storyboard. By the end of the night, each film group will also develop a sense of team.

4:00 - 5:00pm Check-in (Transportation offered from DVE and SVE)

5:30pm Checkin & School Store (Move into dorm & meet roommates, meet your film group)

6:00pm Dinner & Program Kickoff

6:30pm Film 101 & Storyboarding - with female mentors

8:00pm Female Empowerment Activities

9:00pm Back to dorms

9:30pm Lights Out

Saturday, September 23rd

Goal: Participants will practice filming scenes. In the afternoon, they will learn how to organize and edit their scenes using professional software. Throughout the day they will be supported by female professionals who are currently in the film industry.

7:00am Wake up & get ready

8:45am Filming at KSS - with female mentors

12:30pm Editing 101 at KSS

1:30pm Drive to Breck Library

2:00pm Female Mentor Q&A Session

3:00pm Continue Editing at Breck Library - with female mentors

5:30pm Return to KSS

6:00pm Dinner

6:30pm Movie night

Sunday, September 24th

Goal: Participants will be able to practice public speaking and feel a sense of accomplishment when their work is shown on a professional stage.

7:00am Wake up & get ready & pack

8:30am Overview of the day

9:00am Movie Posters & Presentation Practice

11:00am Get fancy

12:30pm Drive to Breck

1:00pm Red Carpet (Parents & Guardians arrive at the Breckenridge Theater)

1:30pm Film Showings

2:00pm Pick up at Breckenridge Theater

  • Scholarships

    If you have a financial barrier, please apply for a scholarship for the Girls in STEM program. All scholarships will be determined on a rolling basis and offered based on financial need.

    Apply Here
  • Transportation

    We offer free transportation to local families!

    • KSS pickup students from school on Friday afternoon from Silverthorne Elementary and Dillon Valley Elementary
    • Parent Pickup at KSS on Sunday

Purpose and Focus of Girls in STEM

In today’s professional world there is a large gender gap in STEM focused careers. This gender gap is experienced not only in the workforce, but in the pursuit of post-secondary STEM degree programs. The research explains some of the disparities are due to lacking female self-esteem within STEM subjects, limited mentors working within STEM fields, and gender stereotypes within our society and educational system.

Program Goals

  • Inspire confidence and leadership in young females through STEM-related fields.
  • Incorporate the consensus-building process into interactive, engaging activities, while promoting a positive growth mindset.
  • Encourage collaboration between female students and professional mentors.
  • Apply learning and use the design thinking process to solve a problem.



Girls in STEM Final Report

Read the impact of our Girls in STEM 2022 programs at KSS in our Girls in STEM Final Report.

Girls in STEM Final Report

Program Partners and Sponsors

Special thanks to Breckenridge Film Festival and HP for being partners for this program!

We'd also like to thank the The Phyllis Fund - In honor of Phyllis Martinez - for contributing to this program.


Breck Film Fest             HP


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