Living in a Piece of History


As an instructor for School Programs my days mostly consist of being in the field with students. However, just the other day I was spending a rare moment in the office when I stumbled upon old papers describing Keystone Science School’s history. I was ecstatic about my find because I always wanted to know more about the place I have come to love. While flipping through them I found documentation about the cabin I’m currently living in on campus. I reside in Wapiti, a small two-bedroom cabin. When I first moved to KSS I was told my cabin was built in the late 1800’s. After that I never really gave another thought to living in a 100 year-old cabin. But as I read through the old papers I got a glimpse into the past and connected with my cabin’s roots. I learned that it was once home to the Erickson family, some of the original residents of Old Keystone. It was also one of the first buildings in Old Keystone to have electricity.

Wapiti cabin at the KSS campus

As the first camper cabin on campus, Wapiti has been lived in and loved by many, and has even had a bit of renovation along the way. I feel lucky that I’m now part of this cabin’s long and happy history. I look forward to a day in the future when I can visit KSS and check on my little cabin.