A girl poses atop Quandary Peak above 14,000 feet

Mission Moment: Pushing Campers Outside of their Comfort Zones


Camp is a place of fun, belonging, and personal growth. Our programmatic goals are woven into the concept of challenging our campers to try new things to push them outside their ‘comfort zone’. This practice allows them to grow in different aspects of their own lives. We aim to foster specific talents like developing independence, making new friends, and leadership skills. Ultimately, this ends with campers gaining confidence by achieving things they previously thought were beyond their reach.

This summer we have had over 850 overnight and adventure campers. Here is a glimpse of their experiences getting outside of their comfort zones and the growth that came from doing so.

Camper Quotes:

“I made new friends stayed warm during the night and did Manny things over night BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY I HAD FUN ?”

“I didn’t think I could sing or dance but I did the talent show”

“I hiked half a mile with a backpack that is the same size as me and probably weighs more.”

“Learned about animals that live in Colorado”

“I was away from my family for a whole week, and it was the first time I ever was that far away from them. Also, I also rafted 19.4 miles and that was the first time I rafted and went camping for the first time.”

“I made a fishing pole out of a stick”

“I walked up a 14er which I didn’t think I could do. It was hard and we walked for 13 hours… at times I thought I couldn’t do it but I made it to the end.”