The school group moves together on boards during team and community building.

Mission Moment: Social Emotional Learning


Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is an integral part of education and human development. It is the process through which young people and adults thrive personally and academically, develop and maintain positive relationships, become lifelong learners, and contribute to a more caring, just world. SEL is important because it advances educational equity and excellence by establishing learning environments and experiences that feature trusting and collaborative relationships, a rigorous and meaningful curriculum and instruction, and ongoing evaluation.

Here at Keystone Science School we have worked to incorporate SEL into our curriculum for all programs by fostering knowledge, skills, and attitudes across areas of social and emotional competence. Curriculum is often tailored to individuals or groups as a whole depending on their own social and emotional competence levels.

This Fall, schools that are joining us on campus have been focusing on team building and getting to know one another. They create social contracts with each other that set clear expectations and foster a collaborative environment for them all to grow in as camp progresses.

During Summer Camp, one way SEL is incorporated into curriculum is through our KSS’s beads that are earned by campers for showing respect, leadership, and compassion. The P.O.N.Y bead is given to campers for showing respect for Property, Others, Nature, and Yourself. It is a bead coveted by campers who always have a good story for how they earned their PONY beads at camp. Below are some of our favorite testimonials from campers this summer in response to the question, “What did you learn about Others, Nature, or Yourself?”

I learned that other people can help me, instead of me doing everything myself

I learned how to be a leader and also be friends with everyone at camp and branch out.

I learned that there are meny people and even those we are all different than each other there is always something GOOD ? in each other not only that we may be different but there is always something GREAT in them.

I learned that making mistakes might be embarrassing or sad but real courage is standing up again.

I learned that even if I’m discouraged about something I can still do it.

I leaned how to make a best friend

I learned that I really like camping in nature because it is relaxing and kind of like a refresh button for me