Push Outside Your Comfort Zone


Keystone Science School has a variety of summer camp options including day, overnight, and adventure programs. Parents and campers can choose from over 30+ programs which can help campers learn to push outside their comfort zone. Registration opens on November 12th at 10 AM! Sign up between November 12-19th and receive a 10% early bird discount.

We strive to create safe spaces for our campers to push their limits and step outside their comfort zone. Trying new activities such as hiking, rafting, or rock climbing is not just recreation but is a lifelong lesson in pushing comfort zones which can allow our campers to build more confidence and self-esteem. It’s skills such as these which can be transferred to other aspects in their life. At the close of each program we survey our campers. Two of our proudest results is that 88% of our Day Campers reported that they tried an activity they didn’t think they could do and 82% of Discovery Campers reported that they went out of their comfort zone.

We train our staff to acknowledge the fears of our campers and allow them to make up their mind about when they want to challenge themselves. In the camping world this is commonly known as “challenge by choice.” This is an important concept which allows a child to understand that they can achieve their goals whenever they choose to push themselves.

A popular adventure activity at Keystone Science School is our challenge hike. Campers get an option for the level of challenge they wish to take whether the challenge is high, medium or low. They then wake up on the day of their challenge hike and push themselves to the summit of a tall peak or the water’s edge of a glacial tarn. No matter their hike selection, campers are faced with an individual and team challenge. It’s experiences such as these that elevate their sense of accomplishment and their desire to try new activities in the future.

While KSS only spends a short time with children throughout the summer we know that these experiences can evolve a child’s mindset to take on any challenge which faces them in the future. It’s important for all children to challenge themselves whether it’s at summer camp, in the classroom, or within their personal interests.