Three Outdoor Education students showing their forest ecology sketches.

The Value of Our Outdoor Education Programs


At Keystone Science School the great outdoors becomes a vibrant classroom, and every experience is a step towards personal and educational growth. In the heart of the Rocky Mountains of Summit County, we invite schools to embark on an extraordinary journey with our Outdoor Education programs. Our multi-day field trips offer more than just a break from the traditional classroom; they are an opportunity for transformative learning and personal discovery.

Experiential Learning in Nature’s Classroom

At KSS, we believe in the power of experiential learning. Our programs take students out of their regular classrooms and into the natural world, where they can touch, feel, smell, and even taste their surroundings. Students explore diverse forests, grow their understanding of different types of flora and fauna, stand on the Continental Divide to witness water flow and watershed dynamics, wade into streams for water testing, or dig snow pits to learn about snow science. These hands-on experiences bring environmental science to life in a way that a traditional classroom simply cannot match.

A student sketches observations in her notebook in a KSS class field trip.

Building Leadership and Teamwork

The school group working on team building exercises.

Our Outdoor Education programs are designed to nurture leadership qualities and foster teamwork. Students learn to collaborate and communicate effectively in a setting that is both challenging and supportive. Through outdoor experiences and team building activities, they develop a sense of responsibility, confidence, and the ability to work as part of a team.

Fostering Curiosity and Critical Thinking

At Keystone Science School, we don’t just provide answers; we inspire curiosity and critical thinking. Our approach encourages students to ask questions, explore, and discover solutions through investigation. This method empowers them to think independently and approach problems with a critical and analytical mindset. Many students find themselves more engaged and excited about the curriculum in the natural classroom of KSS compared to a traditional classroom environment. These experiences are transformative, igniting a passion for learning and a deep appreciation for the natural world.

Accessibility, Inclusion and Unique Outdoor Experiences for All

We understand that not all students have access to such unique outdoor experiences. That’s why our programs are tailored to provide these opportunities to students who might otherwise never have them. Our aim is to make outdoor education accessible and inclusive, ensuring that every student has the chance to connect with nature and learn in an immersive environment.

In this effort to make outdoor education accessible to all, our financial aid and discounts for schools are part of our commitment to making these experiences available to a diverse range of students. By breaking down financial barriers, we open the doors to educational opportunities that can change lives.

Keystone Science School is more than just a place for outdoor education; it’s a community where students can be themselves without fear of judgment. Our campus is a safe space for exploration, learning, and personal growth.

Get your class outside!

We invite schools to join us at Keystone Science School for an adventure that extends beyond academics. It’s an opportunity to explore, learn, and grow in the heart of nature. Let us give your students an educational experience they’ll never forget, filled with discovery, learning, and personal growth.