Unveiling the Summer Camp Legends at Keystone Science School


Picture this: a summer camp where adventure meets whimsy, and every corner of Keystone Science School is alive with the antics of legendary figures. KSS introduces a unique twist – the presence of Camp Legends who play an integral role in shaping the campers’ adventures. In this blog, we unveil three iconic figures that roam the KSS campus, leaving an indelible mark on the memories of every camper – the Hot Pink Gorilla and the dynamic duo, Captain Zero and Dr. Food Waste.

Hot Pink Gorilla:

The undisputed superstar of KSS folklore, the Hot Pink Gorilla (HPG) is the stuff of legends. If you’ve ever set foot on the KSS Campus before, chances are you’ve caught a glimpse of this vibrant creature. Rumor has it that the HPG owes its dazzling pink fur to a diet exclusively consisting of high alpine shrimp from the Snake River. The result? A mascot that embodies the spirit of KSS—bold, unique, and delightfully unpredictable. The HPG has become a symbol of the extraordinary experiences that await at KSS, sparking excitement and curiosity among campers.
Campers actively engage with the elusive legend, turning the KSS grounds into a hub of investigation and excitement. Armed with creativity, some campers craft imaginative traps, hoping to capture a moment with the legendary HPG, while others embark on missions to gather evidence of its existence. Late-night tales are peppered with stories of close encounters and wild theories, adding an interactive layer to the HPG mystery. The quest to prove the HPG’s reality becomes a shared mission, enhancing the sense of community among campers and turning every day at KSS into a treasure hunt for the legendary creature with the dazzling pink fur.

Captain Zero:

Meet Captain Zero, the eco-warrior on a mission to tackle the notorious Dr. Food Waste. In the pristine wilderness of Keystone, energy conservation is not just a responsibility but a superhero’s calling. His mission? To minimize food waste and reduce the carbon footprint associated with the task of transporting supplies to the high altitudes of Keystone, Colorado. With a twinkle in his eye and a determination to match, Captain Zero ensures that every camper is part of the sustainability superhero squad. 

Dr. Food Waste:

In the shadows lurks the villainous Dr. Food Waste, the arch-nemesis of Captain Zero. As campers indulge in delicious meals and engage in activities that fuel their minds and bodies, Dr. Food Waste schemes to turn what could be a sustainable feast into a source of wasteful energy to power his Annialatrix machine. But fear not! Captain Zero, armed with a sense of responsibility, a dash of mischief, and the campers on his side, won’t let him succeed. Dr. Food Waste’s schemes are met with laughter and creativity from campers who are determined to outsmart the dastardly foe and keep KSS waste-free.

Summer Camp at KSS is more than just science experiments and nature hikes; it’s a stage for these superheroes to weave their magic. From surprise appearances by the Hot Pink Gorilla during campfires to impromptu showdowns between Captain Zero and Dr. Food Waste during meals, every moment becomes an opportunity for laughter and camaraderie. As campers embark on their adventures at KSS, they not only create memories of fun-filled days but also become part of a larger story where they, too, play a role in preserving the magic of Keystone Science School for generations to come.