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What to do when your camper or student is on the Waitlist


You may have been placed on the waitlist for one or more sessions of programming. A lot can change between now and the start of the session, and we are hopeful that we can accommodate your programming request. We want you to know everything that goes into the waitlist. The following is a little more information about the process which may be helpful when making your plans. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

  • The waitlist is free: Payment is only processed when you have confirmed that you would like to enroll in a session off the waitlist.
  • You can sign up for multiple waitlists: You can sign up for as many waitlists as you wish. We will contact you if a space opens. A family can make the choice of enrolling or not at that time.
  • You can transfer sessions: If you didn’t get into your top choice of session, you can enroll for another session, and should a waitlist spot open for your participant, you are welcome to transfer tuition payments from one session to another.
  • There is no predicting waitlist movement: A camper or student can be at the top of the waitlist and not get in, or be very low on a waitlist, and get in easily. As much as we would like a crystal ball to see into the future, openings are unpredictable. Our scholarship and cancellation deadlines can sometimes be an indicator of when we might see shifts in enrollment.
  • Look for KSS emails: We review the waitlist weekly. We contact families via email when a waitlist space opens. We will give a window of time for you and your family to accept or decline the space.
  • Be responsive: If you would like to decline an open waitlist space, please let us know! If we attempt to contact a family more than 2 times for the same session without a response, we will remove the camper or student from the waitlist and open the space for another.
  • Explore all KSS options: There may be other sessions or programs that have shorter waitlists or are available and a better fit for your camper or student:

Ultimately, we would love to have every camper and student join us for programming. We know the waitlist can be a challenge, and we appreciate your patience while we work our way through the waitlist process.

Questions? Contact us at Support@KeystoneScienceSchool.org or (970)468-2098