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Call for Scholarship Committee Members!


2023 Scholarship Committee

Keystone Science School distributes approximately $70,000 in scholarship funding throughout the year. Over 80% of our scholarship funding is awarded to families whose children will attend a summer camp experience at KSS.

Scholarship recipients are determined in collaboration with a Scholarship Committee. Our Scholarship Committee reviews all applications. Members are given detailed instructions to assist with their review of applications and the completion of a rubric that guides their recommendation of awards.

KSS is currently seeking Scholarship Committee members to review applications to our summer programming. Applications for our Summer Program Scholarship are offered in three cycles to families with three review periods. Scholarship committee members can sign up for one or more review periods.

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Review PeriodTechnical Assistance SessionReview Deadline
January 10-16, 2023 January 12th, 1pm-2pm January 16th
Feb. 28-March 6, 2023 March 2nd, 1pm-2pm March 6th
April 7-17, 2023 April 13th, 1pm-2pm April 17th


Campers in a Circle

Time Commitment & Review Support

With each scholarship deadline, our committee will receive a packet of scholarship applications to review. Members can expect up to 15 applications to review using our review rubric. We recognize that some Committee Members will have clarifying questions about our rubric or about specific applications. To support these questions, we are offering a Virtual Technical Assistance webinar for any Committee Member to attend. These webinars will be hosted by a KSS Staff Member who can address questions about our process, the rubric, or who can help Committee Members think through scoring a specific rubric.

Thank You Event

We could not offer this wonderful opportunity to our community in an equitable process without the support of our Scholarship Committee. Our Committee Members across review cycles will be invited to join us on our campus in May for a thank you event. The afternoon will feature delicious appetizers, happy hour drinks, and wonderful philanthropic company. We hope you can join us for this unique experience with KSS and we thank you for your interest in being a part of our scholarship process.