Girls in STEM


Fall 2018 – Girls in STEM Programs

November 9-11 – Tech Retreat

Tech in the world of fashion and trends in outdoor recreational gear. Scenario: You are going on a multi-day backpacking trip. What will you design to keep your head warm, dry, and smelling great while you are on the trail? This weekend we will pull on the thread of fiber & textile science, apparel engineering, and even marketing our new product. A weekend of apparel design would not be complete without a fashion show! Sally Gentling from Big Agnes will be in attendance to oversee the projects and share her professional design experience.



Spring 2019 – Girls in STEM Programs

February 2 – Build-A-Thon

Use concepts of mechanical engineering to design, program, build and explore robotics.

April 27 – Marvels of Math

Seeing how mysterious math plays a part in our everyday world.

May 11 – Mothers and Daughters

Join us for our second annual day where moms and daughters work together through the engineering design process, learning a little about STEM and more about each other.


“Girls who learn in all-girl environments are believed to be more comfortable responding to questions and sharing their opinions in class and more likely to explore more ‘nontraditional’ subjects such as math, science, and technology.”

– National Education Association

Girls in STEM Will...

  • Inspire and build the confidence of young females to pursue or continue studies in STEM subjects.
  • Encourage teamwork and leadership skills through group challenges related to STEM.
  • Incorporate the engineering design process into interactive, engaging activities which have real-life applications.
  • Expose participants to STEM-related careers and successful professional females in these roles.
  • Promote reflection on STEM, teamwork and leadership skills through journaling and thoughtful conversations.

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    Program Goals

    We believe in empowering girls by engaging them in hands-on, real-world activities to show STEM is relevant and fun in an ever-changing world.
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    Female STEM professionals support each program and student by giving them guidance to navigate a male-dominated workforce. Volunteer for a program!


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