There’s No Such Thing as Bad Weather, Only Bad Clothing


Keystone Science School is soliciting outdoor gear for our students and campers who do not have the appropriate outdoor clothing for their outdoor education programs. We have more information on our website about the details of the items we are requesting. You can drop off any donated gear at Keystone Science School or Epic Mountain Gear in Frisco.

There’s the common sentiment of “there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing.” We all know that adventuring outside with the proper gear makes the experience much more enjoyable. Think about the last time you played in the snow and had cold hands and feet.

What was more memorable, the views or being cold? It was probably being cold. Does this memory affect your decision the next time it’s cold when deciding to go outside?

That one day when you had cold hands or feet just made you miss out on another outdoor adventure and potentially life-changing experience. It’s our goal at Keystone Science School to make every outdoor education experience positive and sometimes that means going outside in the cold.

We also strive to break down all barriers to participation, whether it’s through our scholarship program for schools and summer campers, transportation, or by providing the necessary gear and clothing to our campers and students.

It’s our goal to have a student show up to any program in their street clothes and we have the outdoor gear to provide them that life-changing experience. This means that we need to have a large collection of socks, boots, gloves, and other warm waterproof clothing.

Right now, our supply is limited, and we are struggling to meet the needs of those schools and groups who require outdoor clothing to stay warm in our mountain environment. Our best form of protection to the elements are bread bags. While bread bags on feet and hands are a very cost-effective method of staying warm it’s not the best tool.

During this month of giving, we are asking everyone to donate their unneeded outdoor clothing to KSS. We are accepting all sizes and styles. We’ll even take those single socks that have been left behind by the sock monster.

All gear donations are tax deductible and you can drop off any article of clothing at Keystone Science School or Epic Mountain Gear in Frisco. You can find more details about the gear we’re soliciting and how you can receive your tax deduction.