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What skills do I need to start a career in Outdoor Education?

career outdoor education

Here is a helpful list of skills to gain when considering a career as an outdoor educator or summer wilderness instructor. Make sure you’re prepared when we begin the summer hiring process.

Obtain a First Aid Certification

Applicants are required to have a valid CPR certification and either a Wilderness First Aid or Wilderness First Responder certification. Make sure yours will be current for the Summer 2021 season or register for a course. There are a number of organizations that provide first aid certifications. Check out NOLS Wilderness Medicine, Wilderness Medical Associates, SOLO Schools.

Gain Childcare Experience

Whether through a part-time job or volunteer opportunity, gain as much childcare experience as possible before applying. Candidates with prior teaching experience, with school-aged children, will be prioritized for consideration over those who have little to no experience. 

Plan Wilderness Trips

KSS is looking for candidates who have a passion for the backcountry and a demonstrated track record of planning extended wilderness trips for groups. We want to know that you understand meal planning, gear packing, and show competence and great decision-making. Join and take a leadership position with your college or town outdoor club and get your family or COVID bubble out on wilderness trips before next Summer!

Explore Our Natural History

KSS inspires curiosity for the natural world, and we are looking for applicants that have at least a basic understanding of flora and fauna, mountain life zones, and the natural history of colorado and southwest. We are looking for curious, life-long learners!

Learn More About KSS

Follow us on Instagram. We’re most excited about you when you’re excited about us! Take some time to learn about all the programs we offer in a normal year from our outdoor education programs to Girls in STEM. Who knows, after the Summer is over you might have the opportunity to continue your KSS journey with one of these programs!