The group of students in Girls in STEM in an outdoor class

Outdoor Education Highlight: Watersheds & Water Management Curriculum


A few weeks ago, Katie – a science teacher from West Grand Middle school – brought her class up to KSS for an Outdoor Education field trip. She chose Watersheds & Water Management as their curriculum, and the class learned first-hand about water cycles, natural and renewable resources and conservation that paired with the in-class material they were already exploring.

“When you’re standing in the middle of the water cycle, and they’re looking at watersheds and building watersheds out of snow and talking about it from the perspectives of different stakeholders, it just takes it to a whole new level for the kids.” – Katie, West Grand science teacher

Each Outdoor Education and Environmental Education Field Trip we create is tailored to the goals of each participating school. Each of our programs contain elements of environmental science, social-emotional learning, community building, and outdoor experience. Curriculum themes include Aquatic Ecology, Forest Ecology, Watersheds & Water Management, Geology, Winter Ecology, and Snow & Avalanche Science.